Nap mats


What is the recommended age of use for the nap mats?

 We recommend that the nap mat be used for toddlers 2 and up. They are only intended for supervised use.


Can the nap mats be put in the washing machine and dryer?

 To best maintain the integrity and quality of the nap mat, we recommend washing it on a gentle cycle in the washing machine and dried on a clothesline instead of the dryer.


Is there somewhere that my child’s name can be written?

There is a name label provided on the nap mat where your child’s name can be written. We recommend using a Laundry Marker.


Where can the nap mats be used?

The nap mats can be used in childcare centres, family daycares, sleepovers, family trips even watching movies on the carpet.


Will I be able to buy a replacement pillow?

We are hoping to be able to have replacement pillows available in stock shortly.